7 Huge Benefits of Article Marketing

Have you ever wondered what makes article marketing extremely effective and powerful in marketing your company? When I first started my business I had no idea about the concept of article marketing – as a tactic to market – however, I was aware that to get my name known all over the world, I would have to find ways to demonstrate my skills and get noticed in a larger geographical area than my local coffee shop. My clients might not all be from my home town.

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  1. A place for Entrepreneurs to hang out and have a good time.The Coffee Shop was the hip spot for hanging out, in my hometown and in the larger cities that formed part of my workplace. I could meet anyone and conduct business and not even realize that I could or might not work from home, if I said, “Hey, meet me in the coffee shop.” Many people discovered me and connected with me via articles they posted on the internet.
  2. Strategies of Interest to Entrepreneurs Strategies of Interest to EntrepreneursTo create an online network of people who would be willing to meet my name, I had my name “on the edge of their tongues”. I accomplished this by writing for trade journals and magazines.to use for no cost. My signature and by-line at the bottom of the article were my sole benefit from writing those articles, and the reward was immense.
  3. Controlling Intense Growth CurvesThe biggest increase in my business would happen right when a magazine hit the market, especially if I dubbed my way to the cover. Everybody would call asking me to write for them, even more magazines. So I could write articles quickly, I was always ready to meet any need. I was able to build relationships with editors of magazines and gain more clients. I was also capable of hiring people to do the job while I wrote the articles. It was great. My favorite aspect of business!
  4. How to establish your very first management teamThe first management team came together at the coffee shop early in June to have donuts and coffee. Filling their donuts was the toughest part. The most effective advice came from an undergrad. Executive, who is now my Business Partner “You should be spending more time writing articles and let the techs take over the work. It’s what you’re good at.
  5. Leadership Skills for Entrepreneurial Developmentthe development of leadership within team members usually means allowing different members of your team to lead in areas where their strengths are greatest. There is no single leader. There’s a person who excels at writing marketing materials, and another who is good at reading it. Each of them are able to meet their leadership objectives in their respective domains. Help entrepreneurs with the leadership tasks. Every team leader should be providing their own article list and proving their expertise through publications.
  6. Coping Skills for Lonely Entrepreneurs –Coffee Shop. Seriously I’m in a permanent request for coffee at the local coffee shop on Thursday mornings – 9 AM . All the local entrepreneurs know ‘it’s the day of the date’. The Coffee Shop on Thursday mornings is a great place to catch up with acquaintances and obtain a copy review, an edit to your article, motivation, encouragement or just a bit of cheerleadership to help you get through the day. I’m not sure if I’ve ever sat at the table by myself. We’ve sat at the table and worked on our projects. It works. You can set a date and leave the poster at the coffee shop. Some coffee shops allow you to display it on their windows in front. Entrepreneurs Invited!
  7. Case Research and the Success Factors of Successful Entrepreneursregardless of whether you work at your home, in the cafe or even in your Main Street centric office, having access to the traits and case studies pertinent to your industry are important. You can find a variety of pieces on your industry online. However, you’ll have to conduct your own investigation to assess the worth of any case studies.

Reading articles or writing them is a way to advertise your company. If there aren’t any articles that pertain to your industry become an expert in your field and write them.

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