Are You As Young As You Feel?

A top athlete was quoted saying that she was feeling the same way in her 50s as she did in her 30s; I’m sure that many would like her views. As the baby boomers reach their 50s, with 34% of us are aged 50 or over, we’re all looking forward to living longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives. Many of us feel that, the ways we feel about ageing and middle age has changed to an increasingly fluid and comfortable process. The process of getting older seems to have less defined boundaries and stereotypes that are associated with ageing.

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How many of us glance in the mirror and look at an old person in our direction? With the ease of hair coloring, the ability to improve our diet and medical care, and the option of a variety of non-invasive surgical procedures, we’re capable of chasing the years away in relative ease. Staying engaged and up-to-date with the latest happenings around the globe keeps us fresh in our outlook and connected, and it’s never been simpler.

Fashion, too, is more inclusive since fashion brands recognize the fact that older consumers are an attractive market to target. Sportswear and leisure activities that appeal towards people who have plenty of time to relax and disposable income are an excellent supply of customized. A lot of older people want to play sports, such as golf, and are eager to travel and have an active social life. There’s a demand for a stylish outfit to match that lifestyle.

A growing proportion of people are self-employed, which gives them more flexibility in the planning of their schedules, and the possibility to modify and alter the way they implement their work commitments. This implies that retirement doesn’t need to be at an arbitrary age or point in the future; a gradual retirement can be planned whenever and as needed.

There are who may have been waiting until they reached their 50s to let their children move out or begin an end to a strained relationship. The decision can cause major domestic and financial turmoil and often brings the opportunity to make a fresh beginning to the new year.

For some, financial stress might have decreased as they’ve aged as the mortgage is paid off, children’s education completed, and maybe pensions starting to pay out. Some may need or desire to work. making money could be an important factor, and the social aspect and routine of working brings the structure and social interactions into their lives.

Being younger than we were is a matter of both physical activity and stimulation. It is a good idea to join the University of the Third Age is one of the organizations that offers exciting courses and events for older adults, however many training programs that support activities, hobbies, and arts and crafts and retraining to earn professional certifications are available to those who are of a certain age. They offer routine, purpose and challenge and also opportunities to build friendships and social connections. Physical and mental exercise such as yoga, walking sports, quizzes, and engaging conversations are all vital in keeping our bodies young.

As we age, some individuals may begin to develop physical or health-related limitations, but it is not a reason to be shutting the door to an enjoyable and satisfying life. The different levels of care offered in your home could be adapted to meet the needs of each person including meal delivery, cleaning services, to care for overnight and companionship. The internet can bring a lot such as family, friends shopping, work, classes and entertainment easily to the home whenever and as needed.

The option of downsizing can be appealing for many parents once their children have moved out of the home and are now living independently. This could free up some capital, and also reduce burden on the maintenance and expenses. Reduced financial stress is a crucial method to ensure that we are active, healthy and healthy in living a full and active life.

Certain people might use their later in life to revisit an interest they had in their earlier days that they decided to leave or weren’t able to pursue. Later in life could be the perfect time to start an entirely new business venture or a consulting company with the possibility to explore a new, fulfilling path to success.

Others have created a bucket list of things they’d like to accomplish, and destinations they’d like to visit while they’re fit and in a good state to enjoy the activities. A lot of tour operators offer adventures or longer-stay options for those with the money, time and desire to avail the opportunities. It’s an excellent way to fill the winter months with activities as well as warmth and a relaxing life.

The expression “health is wealth is particularly true as we age, with many of us getting fitter and able to spend more money as well as being able and ready to take advantage of the liberty that comes with less burden. Being a caregiver for your grandchildren could be an enjoyable way to spend some moments, but many people older people also have busy schedules, stuffed with clubs, plans and social gatherings. Being active and engaged by being open and responsive to opportunities that arise is an important way to combat the process of aging.

Susan Leigh, Altrincham, Cheshire, South Manchester counsellor, hypnotherapist, relationship counselor and writer who also contributes to media. She provides assistance with issues in relationships and assertiveness, stress management and confidence. She works with individuals as well as couples. She also offers training for corporate clients and provides support.

She is the author of three books entitled ‘Dealing with Stress and Managing the Impact 101 Days of Inspiration #tipoftheday’ as well as “Dealing with Death: Coping with the pain’. All available accessible on Amazon and with simple to follow sections, helpful tips and suggestions to help you be more optimistic about your life

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