7 Blog Writing Tips for Writers

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I started my first blog in 2006 to overcome my fear of being read. I was used to writing web copy anonymously (I’ve been a professional web copywriter for 13 years) and was fearful of putting my title to my composing and claiming it as my own. It appears absurd now but back then the fear was quite real. So real I only wrote one blog article in 2006, and when I finally picked up blogging again in 2009 that fear was there.Today I am not scared of putting my name to my writing and I’ve become a confident writer. Or as certain as any writer will be.Here is what I have been doing to enhance my blog writing abilities because I started blogging. My writing may not be brilliant yet but it’s getting better and I enjoy the writing process much more too. You can’t get much better than that.Website Writing Tips for Writers1. PractiseSuccessful bloggers and brilliant writers were not born like that. They got good by writing regularly and we will need to as well. If you really want to improve your writing you will have to put in the time too. Write for at least an hour a day five days a week. If you would like to be a writer hopefully you like writing anyway so make writing training a highlight of the day.2. ExperimentYou won’t know what your readers like best until you try a couple of unique subjects and writing styles. Some blog posts will probably be popular and those you can expand on in other articles or utilize to make a series with much more depth on that topic.3. Have FunWrite about things that please and interest you in a tone that flows naturally. I recommend practising your writing but I’m not saying you need to print all of it. However, do write about those secret things, what you are not ready to share with the world. Do write about the funny things that happened to you today even if you don’t think anyone else will be amused. Put your inner critic in out time. Just write and enjoy the process.4. Forget Strategy But builders do not get blocked and unable to put another brick. Teachers do not run out of things to educate. I can’t think about any other occupation where folks make excuses for not doing their work. If you are having difficulty composing forget everything else I advised you and write what comes into your mind. You may worry later about in the event you can produce a blog post out of it, if anybody would like to read it or your colleagues will think when they learn about your quirks and quibbles. Just compose.5. Be FearlessActors get stage fright and I writer’s block is caused by fear. Writing is scary. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with other people is a concern. Especially when you don’t know who’ll be reading. Placing your neck on the line by teaching others what you know is scary.But don’t be scared into submission. Just write anything, daily and see what comes of it. Then create compelling blog writing with hypnotic headlines, edit your site post, format it, be courageous and publish it to find out what other people think. You’ll write killer blog articles and content that never gets printed but your writing will improve.6. Share Your Voice Stop censoring yourself by simply listening to this little voice in your heads that tells you your job and ideas aren’t good enough. They are. Please discuss your unique voice through your site as your story needs to be told. Other men and women want to hear it.7. Reject RejectionsI have experienced having my writing rejected and learned how to bounce back from rejection. That is probably one of the best skill you’ll need to succeed in writing or life.Rejection’s a natural part of the process of being a successful author and nowadays I’m pleased to ship my writing anywhere as a guest post. If a person rejects it send it to someone else who would appreciate it more.Start Your Blog Writing Practice Today From time to time most of us believe our writing is bad. Write about anything. Write about what you see, hear or touch. Write about the way you live, work or play. Just write.Annabel Chocolate is a copy author with an MA in Design for Interactive Media. She’s been running her own web design and online marketing company since 1998 and succeeds in setting up effective sites and sites for smaller companies.Annabel is the author of Powerful Blogging in 12 Easy Actions. Her writing has been featured in print and on some of the biggest blogs online such as Copyblogger and Problogger.

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