Features of LIC Kanyadan Plan

LIC Kanyadan Plan is an ideal thoughtful plan to guarantee the life of our allies.

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It’s restricted to restricted premium and provides support and security to daughters to sustain their future schooling and marriage plans. Our objective is to help and financially insurance encourage families to manage the expenses of our allies in fulfilling their fantasies. It’s an ideal gift to our accordingly valued daughters and a significant relief to families by offering significant financial assistance to our brothers’ better future and welfare.What’s the LIC Kanyadan plan? This strategy is your all-in-one financial plan for your daughters’ future wellbeing. It helps organize expenses for continually the daughter, supporting her schooling and union equally by investing in a fund with less premium.What are the Advantages of the LIC Kanyadan plan? Securing a kid’s future is one of the main Wishlist for parents. Here LIC brings Kanyadan Policy to benefit our daughter and ourselves to present financial liberty determined by supporting her schooling, union, and other landmarks. The benefits of this plan are: Under the tax exemption law of India, it is a tax-free policy. Who will purchase this plan? The policy can be bought by the father significantly of their daughter just and not the girl herself. The daughter’s age must be at least annually at the time of purchasing the dad’s policy.What’s the age limit for buying the LIC Kanyadan plan? The minimum age to get the coverage is 18 years, and also the highest age up to which the policy can be beforehand availed is 50 decades.What’s the locking interval of LIC Kanyadan? The locking interval of the policy can be found from 13 to 25 decades. These documents are required Can there be any exclusion in the Strategy? Any extra benefits or claims cannot be taken in the event the policyholder commits suicide over 12 months of purchasing the policy.What’s the frequency of the premium payment? The premium can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually depending upon your preference. Yes, the strategy is available for Indian nationals in addition to NRI citizens.Are there any surrender advantages against the LIC Kanyadan strategy? Yes, there is an option to cancel the coverage after paying a premium for at least three decades. The surrender value is the complete paid premium value except for almost any rider benefits.

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